Riding feels like a second nature for me…

Since I was 7 years old I have been riding horses and I started competing at the age of 10. Because I did not have a lot of talent when I started learning dressage, it was very difficult. The good part of not being talented right away was that I learned to think about everything until I both understood it and could put it into words. My students in Holland, Spain and the United States profit from this learning experience, because now I can explain things very clearly and simply.

The foundation of my approach is respect for the horses and respect for their riders. Riding dressage is fun, but is also difficult and therefore I want to be supportive and positive as a trainer. My personal philosophy about teaching is – “a good trainer always adapts to the rider and the horse, because every individual is different , has a different learning pattern and different qualities”. Thanks to 18 years of teaching experience and 26 years of riding and training experience I have become an expert in assessment. Within 5 minutes I have a very clear idea how to approach rider and horse. My students now tell me that keen assessment and flexible approach to the classical goals is why the so enjoy their lessons.

For me,  several years of studying and practising science, is the best fundament for a better approach of horses in their training.