Coach level 5

In 2014 I completed my education as coach level 5 at the Dutch National Equestrian Federation (KNHS). This level is required by the Dutch Olympic Committee for everybody involved in talent development and training for Olympic sports. Niveau 5 is the highest achievable level, only the Dutch chef d’equipe is at level 6.

Trainers platform

In 2002 I was invited to become a member of the Trainers platform, a select group of the best equestrian dressage and show jumping trainers in The Netherlands. The trainers of this platform develop further skills, are educated on new equestrian and top sports topics and innovate their approach by training, workshops and clinics by the best teachers and trainers in the world specialized in physics of the horse and rider, equestrian psychologists and mental coaches. At least 4 to 6 times per year we invest in fitness, balance and coordination of the rider and how we can improve these elements.

My many years of experience in riding and teaching enable me to analyze in about 5 minutes what the problem for rider of horse is, and allows me to apply the right solution for this problem.

Science for a better approach of the horse

Since some years science is the base for a better approach of the horses. The Austrialian scientist Andrew Mc Lean has given a number of  keynotes and  clinics for our Trainers platform and he is consulted by many top riders nowadays. His training method is very effective as it is based upon the way horses learn. Because of Andrew McLean I became interested in science and the meetings of the ” International Society for Equestrian Science”‘. Very interesting to hear that horses experience less stress when they are trained ‘deep and round’. Or to be aware that as a rider your weight is 3 times more than normal when you land in the saddle in trot or canter.

Over all those years I’ve developed an experience and feeling with all exercises and different trainer approaches and my tool box is fully equipped. Well, it’s never full of course, I keep on learning!


I started visiting foreign countries in 2000 to educate and train people with their horses. Invitations came from Hawai’i, Portland,Washington State, Costa Rica, Malaysia and Spain. In 2017 I will start teaching in Bali, Indonesia. On request I work with different themes and there is also theory involved. Many years ago I started writing essays about various subjects because I noticed people want to educate themselves besides riding. The most popular themes for the clinics are: Mental coaching, Psychology and learning system of the horse and athletic training for your horse. It is easy to fill three days with these subjects. The theory will be practised during the actual training. A theory class makes it so much easier to learn new things, and its a lot of fun to talk about our experiences together in a group.